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Cindy Lou

Awsome game.but one thing .shes always the one who dose the quiz why cant tom do quiz .and she dosent listen at all


Totally awesome and very good too

Why $0.99

It used to be free and is worth free! iPad version $2.99??!!!!! What the freak????!!!!!!

Let me tell you

Angela is very very rude. Not to mention that shes always changing the subject. She has said "I wish a flock of pigeons with digestive problems would fly over your head" "go hug a cactus" "I will throw a ball, you go fetch it and then dont bring it back, ok?" "If I werent so educated i would show you hel*, but your lucky" "I wish youd go into the woods and let the Bobcats get you" "why dont you be like Michael Jackson and just beat it?" "I hope you dont have siblings. If you do, I feel very sorry for them" "you should go soul searching. Perhaps youll find one. WHAT KIND OF GAME SAYS THESE THINGS!


Theres no point in the game. Have a few lovey dovey moments and then its just boring. Talking to Angela is just like talking to the Talking Angela app, which is free. Angela is pretty rude also tbh. Not worth it.

Really Good Game

I really like the game but I think you should be able to dress up Angela and have a boy Angela if your a girl so you can be Angela and talk with Tom.

So fun

I like that it makes sense it does not just say random things u can actually have a conversation


Love this app awesome


I love this game so much and Angela is not rude.I saw that one person said Angela was rude.Just saying that this game is NOT inappropriate.


Très belle application.

Pas mal

On est en france donc parlons francais m*rde !!!!!!!!!!


Very good


Very Fun, good app!


Aplicativo sensacionallllllll


The best


Waiting for the Talking Angela :)

Tom and Angela

Ist cool


Its a good game but little boring and i dont talk very good in english so i dont understand anything and it not worth 1$ Please make it french for the peoples talking in french ! :)

Tom loves Angila

This app is creepy it makes it seem like somebodys actually talking to you she keeps asking me where I live and whats my phone number it scares me I want my money back it was so not worth a 99 cents

Tom loves Angela.

This game is sooooooooooo COOL it is cool. How Angela talks back to you and answers everything.

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